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Inceptive consultants typically possess deep knowledge in multiple fields. As a competence resource supplier we focus more on the technical aspects of software testing. As a general rule, our employees come from technical backgrounds, as aspiring software engineers, system designers and enterprise architects.


Technical testers are required to have more than mere testing skills. To some extent, the technical tester needs a similar set of skills as a developer - and beyond. Our Technical Testers work primarily in the fields of Test Automation, Performance Testing and all level functional and integration testing.

A successful Technical Tester are likely to possess some essential skills and tools:

  • Promote efficient and effective communication by using a common vocabulary for software testing.

  • Programming & Scripting languages

  • Demonstrate understanding of how different development and testing practices, and different constraints on testing, may apply in optimizing testing to different contexts.

  • Databases & SQL

  • Hardware & Infrastructure

  • Operating Systems & Platforms

  • Understand test management principles for resources, strategies, planning, project control and risk management.

  • Test Management & Defect Tracking tools

  • Test Automation & Performance Testing tools

  • Appreciate how testing activities and work products align with project objectives, measures and targets.

  • Assist in the selection and implementation process of testing tools.


"The fun thing about test management is that there are opportunities to get into many different contexts and industries, from small-scale technology-related assignments to large overall strategic assignments. It is also exciting to see how organizations and companies choose to organize their work. If you go a little outside the 'pure' test leader role, you can often influence way of working to bring quality and usefulness into the process. I have a preference for agile forms of work where usefulness, value creation and cooperation are highly valued."

"In order to succeed with a test leader assignment, it is important to first find out what the client wants help with and why. The next step is then to try to understand the context. It is about getting an overview of the system / product to be tested, understanding how it is structured, understanding the requirements, finding out who the stakeholders are and what needs they have, understanding how the system is used and not least understanding how to work with development and maintenance of the system. This is a good basis for developing an appropriate test strategy. I believe that you should always have a test strategy, but it does not need to be documented in heavy documents that were common before. The most important thing is that everyone involved understands the test strategy and test plan, i.e. what, how and when things should be done and who does it."

- Maria Svensson, Senior Test Manager


Training and coaching is part of our company DNA. Our most senior staff regularly take on the roles of strategic coaches, mentors and trainers. They play essential roles in the success of any organization and are responsible for implementing processes and procedures as well as passing on core teachings and skills required by the organization as part of their development programs. As such, the bulk of the responsibility relies on how effective they are, in performing their functions and how they carry out their roles. Our educational program includes everything from public introductory courses to tailor made education for advanced professionals.
Inceptive offer a wide set of courses in vocational studies. Currently we help several schools to grow students into skilled testers.
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this seems interesting — now what?
Want to talk more about how we can help you? Get in touch and we will talk more about your challenges, and how we take the next step forward.